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Importance of colourful activities for babies and kids

Do you know that at birth, babies can only see black and white, and shades of grey? And by 4 months of age, they start perceiving colours which stimulates their mind.  All bright and bold primary colours are the first one they start to see. Babies can start making colour connections when exposed to different shades of colour than just monochrome.

And some studies shows that red is the colour which babies start to see first. Hence activities to make difference between red and blue can help them later to identify hot and cold water taps for example or understanding traffic light signals soon. Children associate vibrant colours with objects early in life like bright yellow is for sun and it brings happiness. Red colour is for danger and so on.

Identifying colours also helps children later in describing an object and becomes an important part during imaginative pretend play.

Hence quiet books made in bright bold colours like red, green, yellow are very good for babies. The objects can be cut in different shapes using coloured felt and babies can have lot of fun just trying to recognise and match same colours. There are lot of visual activities which can be created such as different coloured fruits to match, different coloured shapes to match, coloured balloons to tie together, Rainbow colours to match etc.


Bright and bold colour activities stimulate the brain and makes learning more fun. So incorporate as much bright colours in your children’s early life as possible. Have fun! :)

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