About Me


I am Meg, mum of a gorgeous 5 yr old and tech savvy by profession. In my spare time I follow lot of passions which brings me great joy.


With quiet books, the passion really grew when I was struggling to find activities for my son and it was hard to keep him away from screen. I started to design activities as per his interest. The quite book activities introduced creative play and enhanced his motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, improve cognitive skills, basic literacy, memorization, identification, and hand-eye coordination. I found that there are so many activities which can be done using quiet books and this is one book which my son was able to read independently. There were so many benefits and it was so much fun that I started designing my own and now would like to share this little joy with other children.


There are also so many children in this world who cannot afford basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and house. Toys are something which they can dream of. Hence 10% of any sale made via my website will go to assist poor children in India.  I am supporting education of 1 child and a group of children who are unable to meet their ends.


I can't wait to start a new phase and share my simple joys with you. 



Meg :)