Skills learnt from Busy books, bags and boards

Skills learnt from Busy books, bags and boards

Quiet booksbags and boards are a type of sensory learning tool for young children that typically consist of a series of fabric or felt pages bound together, with each page featuring a different interactive activity or learning concept. These books are designed to be engaging and interactive, encouraging children to use their hands and minds to explore and learn.

Quiet books can be used to teach a wide range of skills and concepts, including:

  1. Fine motor skills: Many of the activities in quiet books require children to manipulate small objects, such as buttons or zippers, which can help develop their fine motor skills. Check out our busy boards here
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  2. Colors and shapes: Quiet books can be designed to teach children about different colors and shapes, through activities such as matching shapes or sorting objects by color.

  3. Counting and numbers: Quiet books can also be used to introduce children to basic math concepts, such as counting and recognizing numbers. Check out our clever fox quiet book which teaches counting in a fun way while feeding a monster. 
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  4. Letters and language: Some quiet books include activities that help children learn the alphabet and basic vocabulary words.

  5. Problem-solving and critical thinking: Many of the activities in quiet books require children to use problem-solving skills and think creatively to complete tasks. Check out our Teddy Tutor book which has stacking cake activity, matching puzzles, hanging clothes and much more.
Overall, quiet books and boards are a fun and engaging way for young children to learn and develop important skills.
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