What are quiet books and why I make them?

What are quiet books and why I make them?


What are Quiet Books and why I make them?

Quiet Books are generally made with Fabric/Felt/Cloth etc and are designed to nurture children’s creativity. But my definition of a quiet book is – It is a mix of book and sensory safe toy which keeps kids quiet and calm during play. In today’s technology driven environment our children are constantly stimulated by television, mobile phones, sensory noisy toys which in my opinion hinders their natural creative thinking power. The screen time constantly feed them information while quiet books just guide them and ignite imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Quiet books are also called as soft cloth book, felt book, interactive books, busy books and so on. The intention of making these books is to share my experience of watching how my son picked this up. Even at 5 yrs old he uses these pages to pretend play and storytelling activity. A little video is posted to show this.

Quiet books/Busy books usually use buttons, buckles, zippers, show laces and so one to create an activity. The books are theme based.

So why do I make them?  

I make them to share my experience of using them. To encourage screen free fun and learning for our little ones. To create more Australian based designs.  And as world is turning bit beiger, I prefer rainbow colours.  The bright colours used in the design keep children engaged longer.

 Benefits of quiet books/felt books/busy books

  • Screen free fun
  • Great for Travelling. Light weight, non-breakable, no noise toys
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Inspiring activities to increase hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills,
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Cognitive brain development using matching colours, shapes, patterns
  • Encourage pretend play and story telling to improve communication and speech




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